• ET4Women Panel

    ET4Women Panel

    Patrice Prusko (second from left), represents IT@Cornell on a panel for women in tech.

  • CIT provides video support for Charter Day Weekend events

    CIT's Event Support and Media Production Services group assisted with the streaming of six live events for Charter Day Weekend.

  • Cornell Yammer groups for online learning and leadership

    Since November, well over a thousand members of the Cornell community have had a look at the Cornell Yammer social network, and many have done much more, posting comments, replying to others' posts, and sometimes creating groups.

  • IT@Cornell Community Conference

    The next IT@Cornell Community Conference will take place Thursday, June 25, 2015. We will be exploring the theme "Connecting the present, past and future" of technology. 

  • Dina Banning

    Making MOOCs Happen

    Dina Banning is a videographer and part of the Academic Technologies Media Team which has worked since summer to prepare four new Cornell MOOCs for release starting in February 2015.

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Latest News

05.28.2015 Box for iOS 3.7

Box has announced the release of Box for iOS 3.7 with updates to the Box experience on iPads and iPhones. The update includes improvements to menu structures, a new grid layout to organize your files, stability improvements, and better performance. Box for iOS 3.7 can be downloaded from iTunes:

05.28.2015 Invite people outside Cornell to Yammer conversations

Until now, if you wanted to include people who don't have a Cornell email address in a group conversation in Yammer, it was necessary to create an external network. This works fine if you have an ongoing relationship and want them to participate in every conversation, but sometimes they only need to participate in one or two conversations with a group you work with all the time.

05.27.2015 New Cornell-Visitor Wi-Fi Network

Just in time for Reunion, the new Cornell-Visitor Wi-Fi network will be made available campus wide Saturday, May 30. The new service reflects Cornell's brand, and it’s much more intuitive, resembling interfaces offered at hotels, coffee shops, and other businesses with free Wi-Fi.

IT Serving Cornell

Cloudification Services will offer an on-ramp to cloud infrastructure

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Building productive and collaborative relationships at the speed of trust

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Four new Cornell MOOCs for the Spring 2015 semester

Teaching and Learning Technologies

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Cornell to develop cloud training for U.S. research community

Cornell Research IT Needs

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